High school


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the beginning of a new school year! I am proud and delighted to be a member of the Future Bilingual School family. It is a great pleasure for me to take responsibility for the management of High school after many years of work in all stages of the school. I hope this year will be full of great achievements that will add to the success of previous years.

The High School division encompasses grade Nine to grade Twelve, this stage witnesses the most important changes experienced by students and helps define the features of their future personalities. During this period we will exercise the upmost professionalism in dealing administratively and academically in light of the contemporary challenges in global education.

This stage of learning is the gateway to university education; it is the stage of preparation for university study, in addition to being a period of opportunity for students to demonstrate their academic excellence.

The High School at Future Bilingual School follows a study plan based on studying a range of subjects over its four years. Upon graduation, students will obtain a High School Diploma after fulfilling the conditions that are necessary to achieve the mandatory accredited points.

I look forward to achieving the goals of this website, and to provide the best level of educational services to our students and parents. I am pleased to receive your suggestions and advice for further development in our performance as a distinguished educational institution.

Ahmad AlShayeb

Vice Principal

High School