I.T. Labs and Technology

With the addition of our new third floor, the Boys Campus now sports two Information Technology Labs. The Elementary and Middle/High School I.T. Labs are fitted with the necessary computer hardware and software to provide our students with an enhanced learning experience, keeping them abreast with 21st Century Learning.

To support our technology integration into the class, each of our classrooms are fitted with the latest Smart Data Projectors that allow for a standard whiteboard to be instantaneously converted into a “touchscreen” Smartboard at the teachers’ command.


Our Elementary Library consists of both Arabic and English books and resources to cater for the needs and interests of all Elementary students. Our qualified and highly professional Librarian is trained in teaching our students the necessary library skills required to access, process and evaluate information. Teachers are also encouraged to visit the Library as an alternate classroom setting for instruction.

Learning Resource Centre:

With the addition of our new third floor, we are currently in the process of establishing a Middle/High School Learning Resource Centre, being equipped with the necessary furniture, resources and technology available to all our Middle/High School students. Students will be able to access the LRC to conduct research for projects, work together on group assignments, and further their educational needs in a well-equipped, collaborative educational environment.

Elementary Multi-Purpose Room:

The Multi-Purpose Room in the Elementary Department allows for teachers to replace the day-to-day classroom setting with an alternative learning environment in which to conduct collaborative and alternate educational programs. It is here where space, resources, and a group-setting furniture layout allows for teachers to break the routine of the classroom in allowing students to learn, collaborate, experiment, and/or practice in a less-formal, more relaxed environment.

Science Laboratories:

Both our well-equipped Science Laboratories allow for the teachers in the Science Department to provide our students with a physical and practical hands-on approach to conduct experiments, formulate hypotheses, and derive conclusions. The laboratories are stocked with all the necessary and required equipment, apparatus, chemicals and safety measures for our students to safely and effectively further solidify their scientific knowledge through conducting experiments.


We are extremely proud of our spacious and upmarket Auditorium boasting theatre-style seating, a large stage, theatre-style lighting, state-of-the-art sound and acoustics, and a raised seating gallery for a “bird’s-eye view” of the proceedings. Our Auditorium is shared by the connected Girls’ and Arabic School campuses, and is used for our Spring Productions, Spelling Bee, KG Graduation, Staff Meetings, Parent Meetings, Awards Ceremonies, Staff Professional Development Sessions, Guest Speakers, and Student Meetings.

Swimming Pool:

We have recently modified our indoor swimming pool by levelling the bottom to a consistent, acceptable and safe depth for all students from Elementary to Grade 12. Swimming is offered as part of our Physical Education program by our qualified PE Staff. Swimming Lessons are only conducted if students are under the supervision of the PE Teacher, the class Assistant/Teacher, and two qualified Life Guards.

Safety & Security:

In our efforts to provide a safe and secure educational environment for all our students, our entire school is equipped with a CCTV System that provides 24-hour surveillance of the MS-HS classrooms, all hallways and stairwells, the indoor sports pitch (various angles), the entire playground (various angles), and the immediate surroundings of the School’s exterior (Gates and Parking Lot).

Further to this, our exterior doors, as well as all doors leading to the classroom corridors, are now equipped with magnetic door locks that can only be accessed via a registered Magnetic Key Card, issued to all teachers.

Parents visiting the campus between the hours of 08:00 and 14:00, must submit their Civil Identification Cards in exchange for a Magnetic Key Card that will only allow access to the Reception Area, Uniform Store, Registrar, and Accountant.


Our school has recently installed a lift that services all floors from the Basement to the third floor. The lift is solely for the supervised use of our physically disabled Special Needs students requiring access to the Special Needs Department on the third floor, as well as for any students having sustained a serious injury where the climbing of stairs is impeded; for example, students on crutches.

Sports Facilities:

A special focus of the school is our Physical Education Program, and our large indoor Sports Pitch, as well as two spacious PE Gymnasiums provide for sheltered, safe, and year-round facilities in which our youngest to graduating students can focus on improving their fitness, coordination and motor skills, not to mention acquiring new physical and sporting skills.

Our large indoor Sports Pitch can comfortably accommodate two simultaneous football, volleyball or basketball matches, while our indoor KG PE Gymnasium is equipped with a large climbing apparatus to promote body strength, muscle coordination and motor skills.


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